How to view the results of each algorithm & mining task?

In [Algorithm & mining], the results of some algorithms and models can be saved in a data field which the user can name. Please see the figure below. Currently, the algorithm and models include Sentiment analysis (positive and negative), Sentiment analysis (sentiment classification), K-means classification, Topic modeling (LDA), and Similarity […]

User manual for 【Algorithm & mining】

[Algorithm & mining] currently provides the following algorithms: Sentiment analysis (positive and negative), Sentiment analysis (sentiment classification), K-Means classification, Topic model (LDA), similarity analysis, Semantic network analysis and Social network analysis. Each algorithm consumes computing resources, and 1,000 algorithm resources could be retreived for free every month (the shortcut icon […]

Form a research team easily!

DiVoMiner® has flexible and convenient team management functions, so you can form your research team easily! There are two types of accounts on DiVoMiner®: administrator(s) and coder(s). When you need manual coding or manual correction of machine coding in your research, you can add coder accounts to the research team. […]

How to have a quick overview of the coding result (frequency)?

DiVoMiner® provides a variety of ways for users to have an overview of the coding results. The easiest and fastest way is to check the coding results of various categories in the [Coding result] section with univariate analysis (descriptive data). Click the category title in the middle of the page, […]

Why can not I submit the coding result?

If you are unable to submit the coding result, please check the coding page if any required category questions were not answered. If you need to skip certain questions (for example, the questions without answers, or unselected category options), unselect the “Required” option of the questions, and then submit a […]

Why the keywords I set are not highlighted in the coding text?

Normally, the keywords being set in the coding category are highlighted in the coding text, and there is automatic pre-selection of the coding options. If they are not shown, please check whether the keywords setting format is correct. For example, whether there are spaces before and after logical words; whether […]